Trial Manager And Data Manager Network

The King’s Trial Manager and Data Manager Network is an initiative designed provide peer support and information to trial management and data management staff within the King’s Health Partners. The aim is to develop a strong and active network of trials staff, to increase collaborative links between trials groups within the organisation and disseminate important information regarding clinical trial vacancies in KHP and information from the UKCRC CTU network.

TM & DM Network

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The TM & DM network organises events every 6 weeks focussing on various aspects of clinical trials. Events may be of interest to academic investigators, trial managers, data managers, research staff and others with an interest in clinical trials.

Next Event

Title: Introduction to Principles of Statistical Inference in Clinical Trials

Speaker: Beatriz Santana Suarez

Date and time: 01/04/2020, 12:30-13:30

Location: Seminar room 6, Ground Floor, IoPPN Main Building, Denmark Hill Campus

Previous TM & DM Events

15/01/2020 Essential Documents in Clinical Trials by Lena Johansson
27/11/2019 The Importance of Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials by Leanne Gardner
30/10/2019 Introduction to Randomisation by Sean Haywood
02/10/2019 Clinical Trial Timelines and Using Gantt Charts in Trial Management by Jade Higman
03/07/2019 GCP in Relation to Quality Assurance and Quality Control by Dilveer Sually
08/05/2019 Publishing Your Study by Marianna Jasenecova
10/04/2019 An Introduction to Follow Up in Clinical Trials by Rhiannon Baggott
27/02/2019 Association Between Two Categorical Variables by Latifa Rahman

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