Completed Studies


ACTfR ACT for Recovery ISRCTN68540929 Not yet published
ACTIB Assessing Cognitive behavioural Therapy in Irritable Bowel ISRCTN44427879 Publication
ACTMUS Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Muscle Disease NCT02810028 Not yet published
ADAPT The role of anti-IgE (omalizumab) in the management of severe recalcitrant paediatric atopic eczema ISRCTN15090567 Not yet published
ADVANCE feasibility Feasibility and acceptability of a randomised controlled trial of an integrated group intervention to reduce intimate partner violence perpetration among men receiving treatment for substance use ISRCTN79435190 Not yet published
AerosureCF A short – term comparative study of Aerosure for airway clearance in patients with cystic fibrosis NCT01923753 Not yet published
AerosureCOPD Does high-frequency airflow oscillation, delivered using Aerosure, increase exercise capacity in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? NCT02007590 Not yet published
AMBITION Mindfulness-based crisis interventions (MBCI) for psychosis within acute inpatient psychiatric settings: a feasibility randomised controlled trial ISRCTN37625384 Not yet published
AneurysmCare Aneurysm Care Pilot Study ISRCTN65746249 Not yet published
ARC The Addiction Recovery Clinic (ARC): personalised behavioural intervention for opioid use disorder ISRCTN69313751 Publication
ASPI Anxiety Symptoms Prevention Investigation (ASPI): Transmission of anxiety from parent to child ? investigating cognitive-behavioural processes, developing and piloting a brief preventative intervention ISRCTN57199411 Publication
ATOM Atomoxetine for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children with special educational needs ISRCTN25691213 Abandoned
AVATAR Reducing the frequency and severity of auditory hallucinations: a randomised clinical trial of a novel Audio-Visual Assisted Therapy Aid for Refractory auditory hallucinations (AVATAR) compared to supportive counselling ISRCTN65314790 Publication
AWARE Promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools: examining Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) and the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide (The Guide) in English secondary schools ISRCTN17631228 Not yet published
BalancingACT Balancing ACT: Evaluating the effectiveness of psychoeducation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) groups for people with bipolar disorder ISRCTN73327972 Not yet published
BEMIND A comparison to two types of group behaviour therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: A pilot randomised controlled trial of behaviour therapy and mindfulness-based behaviour therapy for OCD ISRCTN52684820 Publication
BISCORT Does a breathlessness intervention service (‘CBIS’) reduce stress significantly more than usual care in breathless patients with advanced non-malignant disease and their carers? A phase II feasibility study ISRCTN70836126 Not yet published
BREATHLESSNESS Development of King’s College Hospital Breathlessness Service NCT01165034 Publication
BReF Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Renal Fatigue (BReF): A feasibility pilot randomised-controlled trial of CBT for the management of fatigue in haemodialysis (HD) patients. ISRCTN91238019 Not yet published
CANWALK A study to assess the acceptability and feasibility of a walking intervention for people with recurrent or metastatic cancer ISRCTN42072606 Publication
CAREER CAReer management to improve Education, Employment and Retention for people with anxiety and depression ISRCTN17767032 Publication
CASA-AF Catheter Ablation vs. Thoracoscopic Surgical Ablation in Long-Standing Persistent Atrial Fibrillation ISRCTN18250790 Not yet published
CASIS A randomised pragmatic trial comparing the cost effectiveness of supplementing standard care with an intervention for carers (Carers Assessment, Skills and Information Sharing [CASIS]) of people with eating disorders ISRCTN06149665 Publication
CBDVR2 The effect of CBD on paranoid cognitions in humans ISRCTN11082858 Not yet published
CBM-pa Cognitive Bias Modification for Paranoia ISRCTN90749868 Not yet published
CIAOII Randomised controlled trial of the short term effects of OROS-methylphenidate on ADHD symptoms and behavioural outcomes in young male prisoners with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ISRCTN16827947 Not yet published
CIIC Clinical Study of Imagery-based Coping for Cocaine Use Disorder NCT03656653 Not yet published
CLARITY Clinical efficacy of intravitreal aflibercept versus panretinal photocoagulation for best corrected visual acuity in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy at 52 weeks (CLARITY): a multicentre, single-blinded, randomised, controlled, phase 2b, non-inferiority trial 2013-003272-12 Publication
CLASSIC Can ‘self-confidence workshops’ for depression help the implementation of the NICE Guidelines? ISRCTN26634837 Publication
CLEOPATRA The clinical efficacy and safety of light-masks at preventing dark adaptation in the treatment of early diabetic macular oedema: A Multicentre Phase III Randomised Controlled Single-Masked Clinical trial ISRCTN85596558 Publication
CODES COgnitive behavioural therapy vs standardised medical care for adults with Dissociative non-Epileptic Seizures: A multicentre randomised controlled trial ISRCTN05681227 Not yet published
CONMAN Contingency management targeting increased completion of hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccination amongst people in treatment for heroin dependence ISRCTN72794493 Publication
CONVINCE A study to assess the feasibility and patient acceptability of a randomised, crossover design to compare virtual vs conventional chromoendoscopy for the detection of dysplasia in colitis. NCT02543021 Publication
CORAL COnceal or ReveAL NCT01379014 Publication
CRAVING Pilot Feasibility Study of Cognitive Control in Cocaine Dependence ISRCTN16462783 Publication
CRIB Cognitive Remediation in Bipolar disorder: a feasibility study ISRCTN32290525 Not yet published
CRIMSON CRIMSON Study: Randomised controlled trial (RCT) of Joint Crisis Plans to reduce compulsory treatment of people with psychosis ISRCTN11501328 Publication
CRISP Critical time intervention for severely mentally ill released prisoners ISRCTN98067793 Publication
CRUNCH Development of a randomized controlled trial to increase cereal fibre intake to reduce insulin resistance in children. ISRCTN33260236 Not yet published
CUES Coping with Unusual Experiences in Children Study ISRCTN13766770 Publication
CUESPLUS Coping with Unusual ExperienceS for 12-18 (CUES+) ISRCTN21802136 Not yet published
DATES Diabetes And Telecommunications Study to support self-management for people with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial(The DATES trial) ISRCTN10342151 Not yet published
DAWN Depression: a trial of antenatal guided self help for women ISRCTN83768230 Publication
Diabetes StopWatch Motivational Instant Messaging and E-diabetes Prevention Programme for High Risk of Type 2 Diabetes NCT02919397 Not yet published
DISCOVER Early intervention for depression and anxiety in 16-18 year olds: a feasibility trial of open-access psychological workshops in schools ISRCTN88636606 Publication
ECHO Expert Carers Helping Others ISRCTN83003225 Publication
EFFECT-DEP The EFFECT-Dep study: Enhancing the effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy in severe depression ISRCTN23577151 Publication
EMPIRIKAL An Investigation into the Efficacy of Mirococept (APT070) for Preventing Ischaemia-Reperfusion Injury in the Kidney ALlograft (EMPIRIKAL) ISRCTN49958194 Not yet published
EN-PENS A randomised patient-assessor blinded sham controlled trial of External non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation for chronic neuropathic pain following peripheral nerve injury (EN-PENS trial) ISRCTN53432663 Not yet published
EPACS Early prolonged ambulatory heart monitoring in patients with stroke ISRCTN50253271 Publication
EpAID Improving outcomes in adults with epilepsy and intellectual disability: a cluster randomised controlled trial of nurse-led epilepsy management (EpAID) ISRCTN96895428 Publication
EQUIPP A randomized controlled trial of quetiapine for psychosis in Parkinson’s disease. ISRCTN74681449 Publication
ESibling Exploratory randomised controlled trial of an online multi-component psychoeducational intervention for siblings of individuals with first episode psychosis ISRCTN01416694 Publication
ESMI MBU The Effectiveness and cost-effectivenesS of Mother and Baby Units versus general psychiatric Inpatient wards and Crisis Resolution Team services Not yet published
EXPRESD A randomised controlled trial to assess the feasibility and efficacy of using an expressive writing intervention with patients on haemodialysis ISRCTN19773253 Not published
FEVER Influenza vaccine in nursing homes – why doesn’t it work? ISRCTN28553709 Publication
FORSUS Comparison of the effectiveness of the Twin Block and FORSUS functional appliance for the treatment of Class II division 1 malocclusion patients ISRCTN80447398 Abandoned
FRAMEFIT Frame Fit. A randomised controlled trial to determine the acceptability, safety and efficacy of a falls prevention exercise programme for walking frame users. ISRCTN57645734 Not yet published
GETSET Graded Exercise Therapy guided SElf-help Treatment (GETSET) for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: a randomised controlled trial in secondary care ISRCTN22975026 Publication
GOALS A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Brief CBT Intervention to Promote Recovery in Psychosis ISRCTN73188383 Publication
HFPRCT Helping Families: Psychoeducational Intervention for Parents with Personality Disorders ISRCTN14573230 Not yet published
HINT Can exercise reduce disability in peripheral neuropathy? ISRCTN13311697 Not yet published
HOTKID The Hypertension Optimal Treatment in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease study: the HOT-KID study – a randomised trial to compare effects of aggressive versus standard targets in blood pressure on target organ damage in children with CKD ISRCTN25006406 Not yet published
HSEN A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of methylphenidate in children with hyperkinetic disorder and moderate-severe learning disabilities ISRCTN68384912 Publication
HTA-SADD HTA Study of Antidepressants for Depression in Dementia: A definitive multi-centre pragmatic randomised controlled double-blind trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of mirtazapine and sertraline versus placebo for the treatment of depression in dementia presenting in secondary care ISRCTN88882979 Publication
IMAGINE A brief early intervention for adolescent depression that targets emotional memories: a feasibility randomised controlled trial ISRCTN85369879 Not yet published
IMPACT Improving physical health and reducing substance use in psychosis ISRCTN58667926 Publication
IMPROVECARE A study to assess the acceptability and feasibility of a walking intervention for people with recurrent or metastatic cancer ISRCTN36040085 Publication
INCVD Imaging cerebral neuroinflammation in acute and chronic cerebrovascular disease: a predictor of outcome and biomarker for guiding treatment (IN-CVD) ISRCTN13797354 Abandoned
INSPIRE Promoting mental wellbeing in schools using mindfulness, relaxation and strategies for safety and wellbeing ISRCTN16386254 Not yet published
InterMuscle A Phase 2 Pilot Physiological Randomised Clinical Trial to Investigate the Effect of Intermittent versus Continuous Enteral Nutrition on Muscle Wasting in Critical Illness NCT02358512 Not yet published
INTERSTAARS Attention Control Training for Infants at Risk for ADHD ISRCTN37683928 Not yet published
IPS-AD Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of employment support during treatment for drug and alcohol dependence: the Individual Placement and Support for Alcohol and Drug dependence (IPS-AD) trial ISRCTN24159790 Not yet published
IPTG01 An antimicrobial cream for the treatment of impetigo 2008-000036-41 Not yet published
IRTC Short-term integrated rehabilitation for people with thoracic cancer: A feasibility trial ISRCTN92666109 Not yet published
JOSHUA JOSHUA: a pilot randomised controlled trial of joint crisis plans for people who self harm ISRCTN12440268 Publication
LEAVO A Multicentre Phase III Double-masked Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial comparing the clinical and cost effectiveness of intravitreal therapy with ranibizumab (Lucentis) vs aflibercept (Eylea) vs bevacizumab (Avastin) for Macular Oedema due to Central Retinal Vein Occlusion (CRVO). ISRCTN13623634 Not yet published
LICALS Lithium Carbonate for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ISRCTN83178718 Publication
LIPS Low dose intravenous immunoglobulin treatment for complex regional pain syndrome 2012-000058-73 Publication
LivDem A Pilot Randomised Controlled trial to compare changes in quality of life for participants with early diagnosis dementia who attend a “Living well with dementia” group compared to waiting-list control ISRCTN25079950 Publication
M4V Mindfulness for Voices ISRCTN74054823 Publication
MAAFA Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation for adolescent boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial ISRCTN27741572 Publication
MARQUE The MARQUE project: Managing agitation and raising quality of life to improve agitation for people with dementia in care homes ISRCTN96745365 Publication
MAGSTAR MAGnetic versus STAndard technique for sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer compared in a Randomised controlled trial ISRCTN20200149 Abandoned
MelaTools-SSM Trial MelaTools skin self-monitoring study for primary care patients at higher risk of melanoma ISRCTN16061621 Not yet published
MENOS A trial of a non-medical treatment for menopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer ISRCTN13771934 Publication
MIFCOG Cortisol and memory in alcoholics: Mifepristone Study ISRCTN54001953 Not yet published
MIMS Pilot evaluation of distance delivered mindfulness based cognitive therapy for people affected by primary and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis ISRCTN93263909 Publication
MINDEP Understanding the molecular basis for the use of adjunctive anti-inflammatory treatment in treatment resistant depression: a stratified, randomised, placebo-controlled, experimental medicine study using minocycline 2015-003413-26 Not yet published
MINDFULNESS FOR PARANOIA Group mindfulness-based therapy for distressing persecutory delusions: A pilot study for a randomised controlled trial ISRCTN17852603 Not yet published
MOLTO Single arm feasibility of multi-maintenance olaparib after disease recurrence in participants with platinum sensitive BRCAm high grade serous ovarian cancer NCT02855697 Not yet published
MOSAIC A Maudsley outpatient study of treatments for anorexia nervosa and related conditions ISRCTN67720902 Publication
MOVEIT A multi-centre randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of enhanced motivational interviewing with usual care for reducing cardiovascular risk ISRCTN84864870 Publication
MRINFORM MR Perfusion Imaging to Guide Management of Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease NCT01236807 Publication
MYPS1 Mycophenolate Treatment for Longstanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (MYPS I) 2015-000263-14 Publication
NAC Effect of N-acetylcysteine on Brain Glutamate (NAC) NCT02483130 Publication
NEAT Naltrexone Enhanced Addiction Treatment (NEAT): A randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of extended-release naltrexone and oral naltrexone 2013-002584-25 Publication
NERO A randomised controlled trial of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and hybrid inpatient-home based nutritional education and exercise rehabilitation programme versus NIV alone to reduce weight and increase physical activity in patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome. NCT01483716 Publication
NeuroMooD Comparing fMRI neurofeedback and neurostimulation treatments in self-blaming emotions in major depressive disorder – a pilot trial. ISRCTN10526888 Not yet published
NEWMEDS2 Neuroimaging effects of a single dose of modafinil on brain activation in patients with schizophrenia ISRCTN66900787 Publication
NEWMEDS3 Neuroimaging the effects of modafinil in healthy volunteers ISRCTN36604066 Publication
NILVAD A European multicenre double-blind placebo controlled phase III trial of nilvadipine in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease 2012-002764-27 Publication
NOC The NOC Study (Nitric Oxide in Cognition) NCT02906553 Not yet published
NOSTUDY The Effect of Nitric Oxide on Spatial Working Memory in Patients With Schizophrenia – Pilot Study NCT02176044 Publication
NOURISHED A Randomized Controlled Trial of Mentalization Based Therapy against Treatment as Usual in patients with both Eating Disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder ISRCTN51304415 Publication
OPEN Feasibility Randomized-Controlled Trial of Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Painful Peripheral Neuropathy in People Living with HIV: The OPEN Feasibility Study NCT03584412 Not yet published
OPTCARE ELDERLY Optimising palliative care for older people in community settings ISRCTN45837097 Not yet published
OPTCARE NEURO Evaluation of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Short-term Integrated Palliative Care Services (SIPC) to OPTimise CARE for people with advanced long-term Neurological conditions ISRCTN18337380 Not yet published
OPTIMA Optimising individualised prescribing with therapeutic drug Monitoring for Antipsychotics (OptIMA) 2: clinical pilot study of antipsychotic drug level monitoring ISRCTN71305621 Publication
OZDRY A multicentre prospective randomised clinical trial comparing fixed dosing versus PRN dosing of intravitreal Ozurdex therapy for refractory diabetic macular oedema 2012-003661-17 Publication
PACE A randomised controlled trial of adaptive pacing, cognitive behaviour therapy, and graded exercise, as supplements to standardised specialist medical care versus standardised specialist medical care alone for patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis or encephalopathy ISRCTN54285094 Publication
PACEUP Randomised controlled trial of a pedometer-based walking intervention with and without practice nurse support in primary care patients aged 45-74 years ISRCTN98538934 Publication
PACT A randomised controlled trial of brief physiotherapy informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for chronic low back pain: the PACT study ISRCTN95392287 Publication
PAVE Paclitaxel assisted balloon Angioplasty of Venous stenosis in haEmodialysis access ISRCTN14284759 Not yet published
PAZOFOS A phase Ib and Randomised Phase II Trial of Pazopanib with or without Fosbretabulin in Advanced Recurrent Ovarian cancer NCT02055690 Publication
PNE Assessing the severity of short-term side-effects to a well-known tablet ISRCTN47470030 Publication
POCD2 Post-Operative Cognitive Decline 2 NCT01743456 Publication
PollenLite_V Intradermal allergen immunotherapy in adults with seasonal allergic rhinitis ISRCTN78413121 Publication
POPPIES Phase II B randomised placebo controlled trial of pre-operative Botulinum toxin type A in children with cerebral palsy for post-operative analgesia NCT01437644 Publication
POST Post-Deployment Health Screening of Members of the UK Armed Forces – ‘The Post Study’ ISRCTN19965528 Publication
POST2 Post-Deployment Health Screening of Members of the UK Armed Forces – ‘The Post Study’ (Phase 2) ISRCTN19965528 Publication
POST3 Post-Deployment Health Screening of Members of the UK Armed Forces – ‘The Post Study’ (Phase 3) ISRCTN19965528 Publication
PRAISe Positive reinforcement targeting abstinence in substance misuse ISRCTN01591254 Not yet published
PREHEAT PREHEAT Trial – local heat preconditioning and wound healing ISRCTN15744669 Publication
PRESERVE How intensively should we treat blood pressure in established cerebral small vessel disease? ISRCTN37694103 Publication
PROBITF Prostaglandin insert (Propess) versus trans-cervical balloon catheter for out-patient labour induction: A randomised controlled trial of feasibility (PROBIT-F) NCT03199820 Not yet published
PROFIT A prospective randomised placebo controlled feasibility trial of Faecal Microbiota Transplantation in cirrhosis NCT02862249 Not yet published
PSALTI Efficacy of a Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy Intervention for patients with chronic cough: a randomised controlled trial ISRCTN73039760 Publication
PSALTIMC Efficacy of a Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy Intervention for patients with chronic cough: a randomised controlled trial ISRCTN73039760 Publication
QOLITI Quality Of LIfe Tool for IBD (QOLITI) NCT02707068 Not yet published
RACEFIT Reducing Acquisition of CMV through antenatal Education: A feasibility study to assess an educational intervention to prevent cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy RACE-FIT NCT03511274 Not yet published
REDUCe Palliative long-term abdominal drains versus repeated drainage in individuals with untreatable ascites due to advanced cirrhosis: a feasibility randomised controlled trial ISRCTN30697116 Not yet published
REFOCUS A cluster randomised controlled trial of recovery interventions within community based mental health teams ISRCTN02507940 Publication
REHAB-EPO Erythropoietin to facilitate stroke recovery 2011-000123-33 Abandoned
REST Reducing Excess Salivation in clozapine Treatment: hyoscine for the treatment of clozapine induced nocturnal sialorrhoea ISRCTN47146067 Publication
RESTORE A randomised placebo-controlled trial investigating the effect of bilateral quadriceps neuromuscular electrical stimulation on exercise capacity in patients with severe COPD ISRCTN15985261 Publication
RESTS Treatment for insomnia in IAPT services ISRCTN17064995 Publication
RESTUS A randomised feasibility study examining daily sedation holds and nocturnal rest using neurally-adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) in patients at high risk of prolonged ventilatory failure during recovery from critical illness NCT01826890 Not yet published
RETILASE Efficacy and safety of retinal rejuvenation using Ellex 2RT laser in age-related maculopathy ISRCTN87850962 Abandoned
REZONE Developing an app to help young people self-manage when feeling overwhelmed during lessons ISRCTN13425994 Publication
RIOTT Injectable versus oral opioid maintenance treatment for heroin addicts currently failing to benefit from standard treatment: a three way Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) of injectable heroin versus injectable methadone versus oral methadone maintenance ISRCTN01338071 Publication
RMC A Pilot Randomised controlled trial of Methotrexate for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy ISRCTN73774524 Publication
SCIN SCIN (Skin care intervention in nurses) Trial ISRCTN53303171 Publication
SHE Self-management migraine Headache Education: a pilot trial ISRCTN53460881 Publication
SITADS Pilot randomised controlled trial of SITAgliptin for Depressive Symptoms in type 2 diabetes 2015-004527-32 Not yet published
SITE Supported discharge service versus in-patient treatment in adolescents admitted with psychiatric emergencies: a randomised controlled trial ISRCTN82129964 Publication
SMILE Self-Management education for adults with poorly controlled epilepsy ISRCTN57937389 Publication
SnuggleDown A clinical trial of the effectiveness of sensory weighted blankets in children with autism ISRCTN92655217 Publication
SOFIA Adapted Solution Focused brief therapy In post-stroke Aphasia (SOFIA trial): a feasibility study NCT03245060 Not yet published
STRIVE Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) treatment of transverse myelitis in adults and children ISRCTN12127581 Abandoned
SUNSHINE Psychoeducation in families of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United Kingdom ISRCTN26270684 Publication
SUPA SUPA: Supporting UPtake and Adherence to antiretrovirals Applying the Medical Research Council guidance to evaluate an intervention to support uptake and adherence to antiretroviral therapy for HIV ISRCTN35514212 Not yet published
SUPERB Adjustment with aphasia after stroke: Exploring the feasibility of a definitive phase III RCT for SUpporting wellbeing through PEeR Befriending (SUPERB) NCT02947776 Not yet published
SWAN Supporting women with postnatal weight management ISRCTN39186148 Publication
SWL Sleep, Wake and Light therapy for depression NCT03405493 Not yet published
THRIL Safety and Efficacy Study of Regulatory T Cell Therapy in Liver Transplant Patients NCT02166177 Not yet published
TIARA A sham-controlled randomised feasibility study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) as an adjunct to treatment as usual in adults with severe and enduring anorexia nervosa (SE-AN) ISRCTN14329415 Publication
TiMM The role of apixaban, aspirin and enoxaparin as Thromboprophylaxis in patients newly diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – an open label randomised control clinical trial – TiMM 2015-002668-18 Publication
TITRATE A pragmatic randomised controlled open trial of the effect of intensive management (IM) compared with standard care (SC) on remission rates at 12 months in rheumatoid arthritis patients with intermediate disease activity ISRCTN70160382 Not yet published
TOHETI A single centre randomised, nonblinded, prospective trial to evaluate the use of MRI as the initial imaging modality in the investigation of patients presenting with suspected scaphoid fracture. NCT02801149 Publication
TONICS feasibility Trial of Neurostimulation In Conversion Symptoms (TONICS): A Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) feasibility study of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for conversion disorder with motor symptoms. ISRCTN51225587 Not yet published
ToTS The Effect of THCV on THC ISRCTN93423464 Publication
UANDI Developing the evidence base to improve implementation and uptake of CBTp: A feasibility study adopting service user and clinician perspectives to shape a brief pre-CBTp interactive ‘informed choice’ intervention in the South East and London for patient benefit ISRCTN53107879 Not yet published
UMANC A Phase I study of a novel synthetic polymer nerve conduit ‘Polynerve’ in participants with sensory digital nerve injury NCT02970864 Not yet published
UPBEAT Case Management for depression and coronary heart disease ISRCTN21615909 Publication
VISTFP Vertebral artery Ischaemia Stenting Trial ISRCTN95212240 Publication
VitaminK The Additive effect of Vitamin K Supplementation and Bisphosphonate on Fracture Risk in Post-menopausal Osteoporosis NCT01232647 Not yet published
V-POPS Evaluating the impact of preoperative Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) to improve postoperative outcomes in older vascular surgical patients ISRCTN23142588 Publication
WELLFOCUS Pilot randomised controlled trial of a modified intervention to improve well-being in people with psychosis ISRCTN04199273 Publication
WENDY A cross-sectional study comparing the Whooley questions and Edinburgh postnatal depression scale against a diagnostic assessment in identifying depression in pregnancy Publication
WORSHIPII Women Offenders Repeat Self-Harm Intervention Pilot II ISRCTN18761534 Publication