About Us



KCTU offers researchers a multidisciplinary mix-and-match collaboration model to deliver high quality clinical trials and observational studies.

The KCTU is formed of a large team of academic and operational staff based across KCL, working to a centralised Quality Management System (QMS).

Academics and operational staff within KCTU lead and participate in methodology research, focused on statistical and operational methodology in clinical trials; this is an area of increasing prominence for KCTU, ensuring that decisions on how clinical trials are best designed and delivered are evidence based.

We are committed to the transparency agenda in clinical trials and KCTU was an early adopter of the AllTrials initiative.

Our Specialists

KCTU statisticians, economists and qualitative researchers support trials of complex interventions, medications, surgical techniques, digital technologies, adaptive and routine care trials, disease prevention trials, and mental health trials.

Our senior operational team have expertise in pharmacology, trials methodology, psychology, paediatrics, neuroscience, intensive care and palliative care.

Specialist sections with staff focused on oral health, palliative care, nursing research and women’s health are developing.

Our Expertise

KCTU has expertise in the design and delivery of large complex multi-centre clinical trials, particularly in the areas of mental health, neuroscience, palliative care, immunology, ophthalmology, paediatrics and expertise is being developed in oral and women’s health.

We primarily support NIHR and other research council funded grants and operate a flexible mix-and-match model of engagement, tailored to the experience and expertise of the researcher and the complexity of the research.

With over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering academic trials, KCTU have a wealth of expertise to offer researchers seeking to collaborate. We have supported approximately 250 historic and ongoing clinical trials.

Currently there are approximately 120 ongoing academic led clinical trials supported by KCTU



KCTU benefits from the expert strategic advice of an independent external advisory board. We are grateful for their commitment to KCTU and willingness to share their expertise.

We also benefit from the input of a wide range of researchers of all disciplines and career stages, via yearly stakeholder group meetings and periodic focus group meetings to explore specific topics. These events ensure we are listening and responding to the needs of researchers across KCL and our partner Trusts and we very much appreciate the time individual researchers dedicate to providing us with feedback.

Job Opportunities