IoPPN Innovative Trial Design Clinic

Are you planning a randomised controlled trial? Did you know there are now more options than a traditional parallel-group design?

If you want to compare interventions using a randomised trial, the Innovative Trial Design Clinic can help you explore different trial design options.
Innovative trial designs contain one or more of the following features:
  • sample size re-estimation when there are uncertainties in the assumptions of sample size calculation
  • stop recruitment to intervention arm(s) earlier than expected to save costs when the intervention(s) is proven to be effective or futile
  • adding arms into ongoing trials to save time from setting up another trial and reduce competition on patient recruitment
  • randomization that allows the inclusion of a broader range of participants
  • randomization that assigns patients to the arms that seemingly perform better

We can provide advice on trial design and sample size calculation as long as you have identified the PICOS (Population, Intervention, Control, Outcome, Setting) model.

Speak to us as early as possible at the grant application stage to avoid missing out on these resource-saving designs.

Please contact Dr Kim Lee ( to make an appointment to discuss your trial. Enquiries can expect a response within 5 working days.

The Innovative Trial Design Clinic is run by the Trials Methodology Research Group in the Department of Biostatistics and Health Informatics at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.